Bitcoin Surges Most Since Late 2017

Apr.02 — Mati Greenspan, senior market analyst at Etoro, discusses the spike in Bitcoin and what it means for the cryptocurrency. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets: European Open.”


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31 Thoughts to “Bitcoin Surges Most Since Late 2017”

  1. 1.
    What Bitcoin is missing, is assurance for what the procedures are when an account gets hacked and hijacked. I mean what’s the point in putting your entire life savings into Bitcoin if you can’t secure it from hijacking through retrieval procedures?

    The Satoshi Nakamoto group needs to speak out of their beards and clarify the true reasons for why ordinary people should adopt cryptocurrencies in their daily lives. Their manifesto is too vaguely formulated sounding like a 70s hippie preaching for peace on earth through cryptocurrencies.

    Where is all the new power going, through the adoption of cryptocurrencies? Once the world go crypto no WikiLeaks or Panama Papers will be able to uncover lies. I mean I have never read about any hijacked or hacked accounts being successfully retrieved through the public ledger 📒 system. How will WikiLeaks or Panama Papers be able to trace back to the liars in such an encrypted and hidden environment?

  2. oh common it went in sync with S&P500 down to the minute

  3. BTC is a rigged market because it's a totally speculative asset with no real users using BTC for real economic activity.

  4. Bitcoin will go to Zero…. get out while you can…’s, finished…

  5. It doesn't produce a product, all speculative bs.

  6. It went up because bogdanov pomped it.

  7. Ann

    Why must you say "Uh", "Um" every other word? OMG… and the question influx at the end of a non question statement is ridiculous!

  8. Че эта обезьяна болтает? Я нихера не понял.

  9. soon as btc blowing up y'all coming out again… ffs

  10. I sold bitcoin at 5000 at bfx and want to exit from that shit.

  11. Shorting Bitcoin is immoral, and all short-sellers will go to bankruptcy.

  12. Boy Gang…with the Green New Deal being proposed…I would say the flick of the switch means …POOF…ALL GONE!!! That is Bit Coin!!!

  13. Ya’ll are dumb. Bitcoin surged cause hussle was in the bitcoin trade. And now hes dead. He was the bitcoin train.

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  15. EM

    Ниче не понял но интересно шо пиздец

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  17. The mighty dollar that depreciates 2 to 3 % a year or a digital decentralized currency that 21 mil can only EVER exist minus 4mil lost forever … I choose BTC … they said the same thing about credit/debit cards when they first came out also / people wake up times are changing why is this so hard to believe in

  18. Your videos always on point bro and thanks for sharing the knowledge every time.If BTC hits a million dollars, it will be Bitcoin time traveler.It would crush the dollar, countries would have no choice but consider it legal tender. It would also allow true free market conditions without currency manipulation by countries. Me personally have been trading btc for 4 years now and in my personal opinion there's no way that bitcoin isn't going to skyrocket in value, especially since countries suffering from hyperinflation like venezuela, Malawi, south sudan..etc are strongly looking to integrate bitcoin more so that they can go grocery shopping and pay in btc and other crpto currency. This will continually drive more people to buy some btc for personal use and of course invest in the future, me personally have been earning consistent amount of bitcoin since i met Mauricio pierce 6 months ago, that i actually had to quit my day job because his trading signals are so on point that i make profits consistently and if you're determined like me in making profits from BTC and looking for professional advice from a trading expert?? i suggest you reach mauricio by mail on (Mauriciopierce8@gmail com. he'll give you all the guidance you need ).

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